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They are actually making a decent living off their land now. I encourage American readers to imagine a farm bill and land uses that would prize biomass as one of its indices of success. Our food and our rural economies and our hearts and our birds would probably all be the better for it.

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Just like Isabella Tree's farm, these are ecosystems we can build, can remember to continue to hope and fight for. We might think the same way about our urban spaces, as well.

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Climate scientist: We need an energy revolution In fact, what most struck me about this book -- why I loved it -- was that in a difficult year for me individually and Americans collectively it laid open the possibility of repair, of repair that could succeed once more beyond our wildest intentions, even in this doomsday moment, when everything feels "too late".

It was a reminder that we might yet surprise ourselves. This wasn't to lull anyone into a new complaisance, or to turn away from the grim tallies we see every day, but just to remind us that the work is available to us, and that, once again, we can each begin, somewhere today. It reminded me that we don't know what such repair might look like, because we haven't really tried very hard yet.

And it reminded me that working towards such repair felt far more radical than succumbing to the daily despair.

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Obviously, we need leaders at every level who care about and can articulate the vital role of living ecosystems, who are eager to build diverse ecosystems. But I think -- even in the face of the top-down creep of horrible headlines -- we can all start somewhere, now. You might guess I'm not just talking about farming here.

I don't have a year-old farm, but I do feel aware of wanting to rewild myself a little.

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I'm making changes I know I can make and see how they might lead to more. Maybe some of this is feeling the cold air on my face when I bike my kids to school. Maybe some of this is asking my town to close small streets on Sundays so the kids can get out and play without being afraid of being mowed down by cars. Maybe it's learning a few more local pollinators, reading up on the farm bill, working locally to build habitat and ban pesticides in our towns and parks.

We're installing an owl box and a bee garden in our backyard, because it turns out that native bees and crop bees can support each other, and besides, flowers are a source of joy. Get our free weekly newsletter. If you really can't do any of these things, maybe just read the book, and remember again the pleasure in saying plant names, in saluting the world, in savoring it. Maybe it will plant some new little seed for you, too. There really is a richer, more abundant sort of life that we could share with each other and the earth.

It might be worth it to inspire yourself. We all need a bit of amazement. We all deserve a bit of hope. See also: Japanese horror. Main article: Zombie apocalypse. See also: List of zombie novels.

See also: List of zombie video games and Survival horror. Main article: Preparedness Zombie Apocalypse. Main articles: Zombie walk and Zombie Squad. Fordham Univ Press. The quotation cited is: "Zombi, the title whereby he [chief of Brazilian natives] was called, is the name for the Deity, in the Angolan tongue. Diccionario Portuguez-Kimbundu.

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