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Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Alan Brown The many cultures that converged in the American South enriched the region's ghost stories. Throughout the region, the southern ghost story is hardly a curio from the crypt. Alan Brown. Account Options. Haunted Places in the American South. The Modernist Novel! Bald Knob - Shady Grove Cemetery - When you first walk in the entrance you are greeted by a cold burst of air.

Even at night, the crickets don't go there. On Halloween, you can hear voices trying to get to their holy resting place. Also, an old woman can be seen, usually during the summer months, in a rocking chair in the upstairs window. The gravel road in front of Liberty is also rumored to be haunted by a young woman who had been killed in the early 's. A little boy has also been seen in the cemetery and is seen in pictures that had been shot in the cemetery.

Shadows and Cypress: Southern Ghost Stories by Alan Brown

Lights turn on and off mysteriously in the church. Batesville - Lyon College - Used to be an old orphanage that burnt down in the early 's. It is said that late at night, up in the chapel, you can hear what sounds like a rocking chair going back and forth. Then, down in the auditorium on a certain night, the walls look like they are burning down.

Around the chapel, there are four posts and there's only a shadow of three. No one else heard this, except for one person.

These 15 Haunted Places In South Carolina Will Absolutely Terrify You

Another person was nudged in their bed, and scratching was heard on the desk next to her.. Her roommate heard none of this. One resident reported someone trying to open their door forcefully. When she got up, no one was even spotted near the scene. Right after she got back from checking her door, the air conditioner that had never made funny noises suddenly began making creepy knocking noises. Benton - A woman was killed the day of her wedding. When you go down the road in Saline County in Benton, going towards Sheridan on the second bridge at night time when it is raining, all you have to do is flash your lights on and off twice, and she will appear in her white wedding gown.

Benton - Saline Memorial Hospital - The smell of foul odors can be found in the hallways of the sixth floor. Also, doors slam without notice.

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Water sometimes drips from the ceiling, even thought it is not raining outside. Cries for help can be heard coming from rooms that are not occupied. Bentonville - Peel Museum - Haunted by the former owner, the museum, open to the public, has light poltergeists and corner of the eye apparitions. Bentonville - Old High Middle School - There was a little girl seen walking down the hall without a hall pass, so this boy went and told the principal. He went and inspected the hall, and the little girl was skipping down the hall, running her finger against the lockers.

It was found out that this same girl was hung by her friend in the year The sighting occurred in Berryville - Berryville High School - The gym is haunted by some children. Many people are afraid to go into the building. Odd sounds have been heard throughout the gym. Bigolow - Old Gym - There was a little boy who was playing basketball.

He threw the ball up and it broke the glass. He went up to get it and a piece of glass cut into him deeply. If you go to the attic, you can hear a boy screaming. If you listen closely, you can also hear a piano playing. Bono - Bono Bridge - If you stand on the bridge and look down the railroad tracks underneath it, the train supposedly looks as if it is about to hit you before it goes under the bridge. Also, there are many rumors of satanic rituals being preformed there, spawning apparitions and unknown noises at night. Bradley - Conway Cemetery - You can hear voices at midnight on a full moon.

There is a tree that they hung people on where you can hear a lot of things. Home to a young girl that was allegedly beaten by her parents, she was locked in her upstairs room until she died of starvation. Tales from travelers swore of ghastly sounds coming from the home, and strange mishaps have occurred to passing vehicles. The young girl is supposedly buried in an unmarked grave across the road from the house in Jones Cemetery.

The cemetery itself has its own reports of strange occurrences. Also mechanical parts to vehicles will go missing after entering the cemetery's gate. People can be seen down the hallways, and voices and an old-fashioned telephone can be heard at night. Doors and cabinets open by themselves. Lights turn on and off by themselves. A mysterious light always appears.

It is possible that someone may have died on the tracks, looking for a way home. The location of the track is right across the street from the Pepsi Place, but it only appears at night. Cave City - Witches Hollow - Its called Witches Hollow by the townspeople because legend has it that, in the abandoned like village houses, a witch practiced her magic. It is said that she murdered her husband, and died later.

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  5. Many people have reported seeing her walking along the road. You can still visit the old village and houses. Charlette - Charlette Baptist Church - A worker has been found hanging in midair, with chains around his neck. Strange noises have been heard in the church, as well as the cemetery. Children's voices have been heard in the empty schoolroom, and an apparition of a preacher that passed away has been seen at the pulpit.

    Clarksville - American Legion Hall - It is said that if you sleep under the American Legion Hall camp , you will see and hear ghosts of the old stronghold. After performing there, the Orrs decided to make Clarendon their home. John Orr and his wife lived in a house with several black caretakers in the back.

    John Orr abused his wife and one of the hands helped Mabel concoct a "hoodoo" to kill him. It didn't work, and the abuse continued. Mabel and four of the others conspired to shoot John, and it came about that John was shot and killed. It soon came out about Mabel and the involvement of the four others, and a lynch mob came to arrest Mabel and take her to jail.

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    The four blacks three men and one woman were hung in the courthouse yard. Mabel took an overdose of morphine provided by the Sheriff as an alternative to the public lynching. To this day, you can hear her cry in the basement of the Courthouse, and can see lights along the levee that lead to the river where the four lynched bodies were carried across to be buried on the other side. Coal Hill - Opossum Walk Cemetery - You can go up to the gates in the middle of winter, and they will be hot to the touch.

    Ghost Tours in the French Quarter

    There is a trail that goes completely around the cemetery. When you walk it either in the night or day, you can hear somebody walking behind you. You can hear whispering and grunting. If you are lucky, you can see glimpses out of the corner of your eye of someone standing there looking straight at you, but when you turn to see who it is, there is no one there.

    Cursed Painting & Shadow People - 13 True Scary Paranormal Ghost Horror Stories (Vol. 18)

    Conway - Hendrix College - Galloway Hall - Rumor has it that a ghost of a young woman nicknamed the "Galloway Virgin" resides in the attic. Oftentimes, one can feel a presence in the halls late at night.