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Filming will start in April on three new episodes — "La rete di protezione " and "Il metodo Catalanotti" based on full-length novels by Andrea Camilleri, not yet translated into English and "Salvo amato Livia mia" based on a short story from "Gli Arancini di Montalbano" by Andrea Camilleri, not yet translated into English [19]. Each closely follows the plot of the novels, in some cases joining several short stories. Alberto Sironi has directed the entire series. Luca Zingaretti had to adjust his accent to Sicilian having been born in Rome. Although Camilleri set his books in a fictionalized version of the province of Agrigento , much of the show is filmed in the province of Ragusa.

The opening shots of the programme also show Guerrieri Viaduct, which is in Modica.

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The show was initially launched on Rai 2 , but moved to Rai 1 from the third series onwards based on viewing figures. Music for the soundtrack was composed by Franco Piersanti. On 11 February , it broadcast "The Snack Thief", the very first episode, in its 9 p. Saturday evening slot, [2] previously occupied by both series of The Killing and, more recently, Borgen. In the UK, the earlier episodes are currently available in both a collection and series format, with the series numbering following BBC Four's. These titles are distributed by Acorn Media UK.

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In the Nordic countries the first 18 films are available as Box 1 1—6 , Box 2 7—12 and Box 3 13— All were released in labelled , the start date of the series with Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish subtitles. In Spain there is a confusing situation with episodes dubbed in Spanish as well as Italian with Spanish subtitles available in both box sets containing six episodes each and overlapping mini box sets containing two films each.

They are distributed by Track Media SL. Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses. Home FAQ Contact. Inspector Montalbano TV series Wikipedia open wikipedia design. Italian television series. Main article: List of Inspector Montalbano episodes. Sartarelli, trans. Retrieved 18 September Once, the contastorie travelled from square to square and recounted a news story that was represented on a bed-sheet. As he moved thorough the story, the man would indicate the most important moments with a stick and at the end he would take off his hat and move through the audience: the more coins he collected the more the story had been appreciated… www.

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But, what is the difference? In the past, itinerant Sicilian storytellers or contastorie Italianised form of the Sicilian cuntastorie from the Sicilian verb cuntari , to recount travelled from town to town reciting various spoken texts, the cuntu [story]. The stories were taken from popular tradition, episodes of chivalric literature inspired by French epic literature, parts of operas translated into Sicilian, and contemporary chronicles in the form of ballads. In their tales, they combined Sicilian dialect with some Italian and employed various techniques, such as rhythm, enunciation, acting out characters, and singing.

Their performances were extremely expressive and vividly engaging for their audiences who were kept in a state of suspension of time and reality.

Il campo del vasaio

At the end of the performance the storytellers would collect money and would sometimes give the audience a synopsis copied on a sheet of paper. The distribution of these flyers became very common after the invention of the printing press.

In Sicily cantastorie appear in the fourteenth century. Along with contastorie , they would usually perform during religious festivities such as Christmas and Easter and at fairs. In the same period the puparo [puppeteer] also emerged and inherited the repertoire of the contastorie. Very often a contastorie was a would-be puparo who did not have the financial ability to build a puppet theatre or Teatro dei pupi.

With this style he expresses all his enjoyment in narrating a story using the voice of a Sicilian contastorie. A low, dense mass of clouds completely covered the sky as though a great grey tarpaulin had been drawn from one corner to another. Not a single leaf fluttered.

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The scirocco was late to rise from its leaden sleep, yet people already struggled to exchange a few words. The Shape of Water , , p.

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Also interesting is the fact that the voice of the narrator continues in the following pages predominantly in standard Italian with occasional Sicilian expressions. And since he was alone in the house, he was alarmed.

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Then he started laughing, having remembered that Livia had arrived unannounced at his place that evening. The surprise visit had pleased him immensely, at least at first.

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  • And there she was now, sleeping soundly beside him. Camilleri has the merit of having given his readers gradually, novel after novel, a sense of familiarity with this style, always conveying the meaning of Sicilian expressions by contextualising them or with brief explanations.

    He found that the difficulty was to write a novel over a long period of time: the day after an interruption he was unable to find the same tone he was using the day before p. The police officer Catarella is a simple man, clumsy and semiliterate, but also emotional, compassionate and good-hearted.

    His first language is Sicilian and perhaps he has been exposed to standard bureaucratic Italian only when he joined the police. Many of the Montalbano stories begin with an early morning phone call from Catarella to the Inspector, who very often misunderstands the garbled content. The Patience of the Spider , , p. The Snack Thief , Lo spettacolo si sarebbe diviso in due parti. Lo spettacolo non ebbe luogo. Il ladro di merendine , pp. The show was going to be in two parts. The show never took place.

    Il campo del vasaio

    The Snack Thief , , p. Camilleri is also, often referred to as a tragediatore. For Nunzio La Fauci , p. This narrator does not wear the traditional clothes of the writer p.